Men’s Silk Ties – Hand-Painted Original Designs – At Aquatro Gallery This Month

detail photo of two new mens silk ties with hand-painted original designs

A detail of two new men’s silk ties with hand-painted original designs from Guatopo.

True collaborations are hard to find, but not at Aquatro Gallery. This month we showcase all new men’s silk ties with hand-painted original patterns from Guatopo Design. Partners Adriana Mederos and Stevie Black work both ends of the textile design spectrum in these sumptuous accessories; freeform painted patterns with hand-drawn designs and hand-drawn patterns with spirited and colorful painted designs. Just in time for Nights On The Neck, a Rocky Neck Art Colony tradition, kicking off their August NOTN this Thirsday, August 2nd, 2012 from 5:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Don’t forget to stop by Aquatro Gallery and see what else is new on our shelves!

Aquatro Gallery Has Been Scooped – By Scoop-It !!!

Close-up of Guatopo Design's unique, luxury men's ties

Close-up of Guatopo Design’s unique, luxury men’s ties

Aquatro Gallery’s post about our selection of custom men’s ties by Guatopo Design apparently caught the attention of James Morton, a leading manufacturer of custom ties, club ties and school ties in the UK. Hey, it’s our first mention, so we’re understandably proud. And why shouldn’t we be? The ties Guatopo is making are gorgeous – in fact the tie pictured above with the seaweed on blue sold yesterday. So if you are looking for the centerpiece of of your wardrobe – a true luxury accessory so unique that there is only one in this universe – stop by and see the ties on our spinner!

Aquatro Gallery gets scooped on Scoop-It for their new men’s ties.