How To Find Adriana “Gigi” Mederos’ Silk Scarves This Season


One of the newest scarves Gigi Mederos has hand-painted !

Guatopo Surface & Textile Design is pleased to announce that Adriana “Gigi” Mederos’ hand-painted silk scarves are now being carried in three galleries; two in eastern Massachusetts and one near Denver, CO. You can now find her newest work on silk at NOA Gifts, 86 Commonwealth Ave., Concord MA -and-  at Christine D’Anjou’s Shop at 155 Washington Street, Marblehead MA


This hand-painted scarf is called Versailles and is all about the hairstyle – you have to see this!

Out in Colorado, you can find Adriana “Gigi” Mederos’ hand-painted silk scarves at Royal Contemporary, 120 E. Main Street, Florence. Check out the artist page for Adriana Mederos here.


Gigi Mederos’ vibrant take on traditional paisley patterns.

Drop in to these wonderful galleries and see all the work – so many new scarves from Gigi and many more to come!

Gloucester Fine Art Gallery Takes Hiatus From Madfish Wharf


A Grouping of Adriana Mederos’ Lovely Scarves From 2013


August of 2014 is right around the corner and we’ve heard many of you inquiring about Aquatro Gallery’s status this summer – and so, in a nutshell, Aquatro Gallery is taking the summer off! We were sad to give up our space on Madfish Wharf, but also glad to have the summer to devote to studio work, catching up with friends and doing a bit of traveling.


patterns made with rubber stamps and inks by Adriana Mederos

A Multi-Stamp Pattern From 2013 – Done At Aquatro Gallery

In July, Gigi Mederos started and finished beautiful, new additions to her scarf collections – it’s truly good to have her painting on silk again and she’s eager to keep working!

pattern designs made with layered cutpaper stencils

Stencils On Stencils – A Crazy Mix Of Black & White Space!

For now, our fine art gallery/studio is in our home and we love to have visitors by appointment. Use the handy contact form here on the site to reach out to us and let us know when you’ll be around. We’ll be posting updates to our plans for 2015 throughout the late summer and fall – STAY TUNED !


Painting Silk Scarves In A Sketchbook Style

hand-painted scarf by Adriana Mederos titled The Nashville Sketchbook

Hand-Painted Scarf – The Nashville-Sketchbook – 2012 – Adriana Mederos

Adriana “Gigi” Mederos has been working with silk scarf painting for almost two years and has created a rich, vibrant body of work spanning a dozen themes and collections. Her colorful, illustrative style melds hand-drawing with resists with a wide range of brushstrokes and painterly qualities.

hand-painted scarf by Adriana Mederos titled Smoky Mountain Dawn

Hand-Painted Scarf – Smoky Mountain Dawn – 2012 – Adriana Mederos

Recently, Gigi has been hand-painting her scarves in a style we’ve been calling her “Sketchbooks,” a style of drawing that owes to the kinds of drawings found in artists’ sketchbooks. Bringing in multiple images and references, Mederos weaves them together in a patchwork of line drawings and colors.

hand-painted scarf by Adriana Mederos titled Sun, Moon and Stars

Hand-Painted Scarf – Sun, Moon and Stars – 2012 – Adriana Mederos

This group of hand-painted scarves are from a body of work Adriana painted in the fall of 2012; most of them went to a gallery in Franklin TN and were either sold there or at Aquatro Gallery in the 2013 season.

Hand Painted Silk Scarves For 2014


Hand-Painted Silk Scarves By Adriana Mederos – All New For 2014!

2014 kicks off with a bang as Gigi Mederos puts the studio back into production on a wide range of themes and colors and combinations for our new collection of hand-drawn and hand-painted silk scarves. This scarf, Fiori e Peltro is filled with beautifully hand-rendered flowers on a pewter background. Here’s a photo of her hand-painted silk scarves as blanks being stretched on her handmade frames before she starts drawing on the silk with gutta.


Hand-Painted Silk Scarf Being Stretched On Gigi Mederos’ Handmade Frame And System

The frame is Adriana “Gigi” Mederos’ own system that she designed to be more practical and to allow for different weights of silk and continuous tuning over time – for more info about the frames and the system, please contact her through the contact form on this site.

Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Your Guy In Boston MA

men's ties in Boston MA - Guatopo Design

A Beautiful Patchwork of Guatopo Men’s Ties – Limited-Editions All!

Needing a last-minute gift for your guy(s) in Boston MA? Feeling the time crunch of the holidays? Maybe your man (or your sons) have birthdays right around the holidays? Why not give them a nice new tie they can wear proudly to the next big board meeting or formal event?

And you say:  But I gave him a tie last year.
Not like these ties. Produced by local artists/designers, Guatopo ties are top-tier, 100% silk ties made from our original designs in a limited-edition of 25. The small number of ties produced means we keep the exclusivity of wearing Guatopo at a premium.

Or you say:  Ties are so boring.
We agree. Most ties -are- so boring. That’s why we created these designs and patterns from our own artwork rather than relying on traditional patterns. Once we had the patterns, we spent long hours developing different color schemes; gauging each one to match the kind of person we saw wearing it!

Or you say:  He doesn’t need another tie.
If he’s like the men we know, the one place he can add freshness and color to his wardrobe -is- with a new tie. What most men need to do is let go of ties they’ve had for years; often bought to match jackets, shirts and “looks” they may not have anymore. Our experience is the customers who’ve bought our ties have gotten noticed when they wear them; at work, in meetings, at weddings and parties.

Where to find Guatopo? This month, we’re at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck for the Rocky Neck Holiday Art & Fine Craft Festival. This weekend marks the Winter Solstice Party and Cookie Competition on Saturday, December 21, from 2-4 PM. The Cultural Center is open both Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4 PM. Or contact us here by leaving us a message.

Painted Silk Scarves & Holiday Cards This Week

photos of hand-painted silk scarves and fashion accessories

Guatopo Restocked With New Items at The Rocky Neck Holiday Show

Rocky Neck’s Holiday Art & Fine Craft Festival is in full swing and Guatopo has already had to replace some items sold. So take a peek at some of the items we just brought in – new scarves completed by Gigi Mederos in the last few weeks – Vintage Rose and Vintage Floral. Also, Holiday Cards from Guatopo, part of our Folkloric Collection that derives their patterns from cut-paper we have done. The cards are pretty little trees and available in singles or in boxed sets of 6 (both with envelopes).


Guatopo’s Holiday Card from our cut-paper Folkloric Collection

Shout out to our partners and friends James and Anna at Cape Ann Giclee who did a fabulous job printing the fine art holiday cards – thanks !

Painting Silk Scarves At The Guatopo Studio 2013

Gigi Mederos paints a 100% silk habotai scarf in record time! Shot by our good friend, Luis Salvador Patiño Leal from Maracaibo, Venezuela, with a GoProBlack during the first week of November 2013, it shows Gigi painting one of her sketchbook scarves called, “Summer Sketchbook.”

Adriana “Gigi” Mederos – Fine Artist

photo of Adriana "Gigi" Mederos from 2011

Adriana “Gigi” Mederos from 2011

Just thought I’d post a photo here of Gigi Mederos from 2011 in her studio/gallery, Adriana Mederos Studio on Rocky Neck. You can see some of her hybrid paintings on the wall behind her. These were works on paper that began as prints that she then pushed forward with acrylic painting. From two different series, “Under The Microscope” and the “Texas Series,” many of these works have sold. We do still have a couple around the house – I love how dynamic and energetic the work is – very inspirational. Like Gigi.